Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bodyweight 100

Today was another Bodyweight exercise day. Since I have basically been doing nothing up until I started in January, it has been an effort to rebuild muscle. I don't mind because I can see improvements in my weekly workouts, but the end-of-the-week Bodyweight exercises are still challenging.

If you follow the Men's Health plan exactly, I should be on week 8. However, considering that I have to rebuild everything from scratch, I am still on week 1. In other words, still doing the Bodyweight 100 instead of the Bodyweight 500.

I have set a goal for myself in that I don't want to move on until I can complete the entire 100. Each week the chin-ups are proving to be the road block.

No matter. I will keep repeating the Bodyweight 100 until I can do every rep.

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