Monday, March 03, 2008

Clean Eating & Exercise Plan

I have been asked what my "plan" is and as boring as it may sound, the best way to say it is that I just eat right and exercise. For those that need a little more direction, I have created a PDF of the general ideas to follow (download below).

I came across the Clean Eating information several years ago when I was losing weight and such. Even though I got away from it and gained my weight back, coming back to it these many years later makes me realize just how effective it is. The reason it is so effective is simple: it just makes sense. There are no complicated points system to follow (Weight Watchers), a giant list of things you can't eat (Atkins), or unreasonable requests to change your habits.

I kind of made this my own and cleaned it up a bit, but the core information is still there.

Download the Clean Eating & Exercise Plan.

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