Monday, March 03, 2008

LOST reaction

I know I'm late on the update for this, but I wanted to post this quote from AICN's Moriarty that I sent to a few Losties last week.
Up until now, watching LOST has been like driving up a hill. And it's a great hill. It's really interesting, and some remarkable stuff happens while you're driving, but the entire time, you're aware that you're going up. Up. Up. And there's a tension building. And in a way... it's kind of unbearable. And tonight, watching LOST felt like cresting that hill. It felt like getting a glimpse of the bottom on the other side. And finally knowing it's there.

I don't think we've quite started back down the hill yet. I don't think we've picked up that momentum yet. I'm betting that's next season. But if this season is about reaching the top of the hill and finally seeing the way down... then consider me satisfied and pleased and feeling vindicated as a fan.

I couldn't agree more.

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