Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Inverted Rows

Last weekend, I went out and bought a second pull-up bar. I already have one that is cantilevered, but this one screws into the door frame. I wanted to be able to do Inverted Rows at home without a Smith Machine (also known as a squat rack). Up until now I have been doing Elbow-Out Dumbbell Rows, but they aren't nearly as hard as the row.

I set the pull-up bar at hip height, lie underneath and pull myself up using my back muscles. You can make them easier by bending your knees, but I don't workout like that. I choose to do what I can and then work on improving each week.

Man, do I love, LOVE, these Inverted Rows. It's just an outstanding exercise using only your bodyweight and a killer upper back workout, a huge muscle group. I would love to work on lower back extensions on a swiss ball, but I don't have anything sturdy enough to hold my ankles. Until I do, it'll just have to be the Inverted Rows which I highly recommend.

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